our team

One family, one team

Only a few years after his father Émile Castéja acquired the Château, Philippe Castéja took over the management of Château du Domaine de l’Église.

To manage his properties on the right bank, Philippe Castéja has surrounded himself with a solid team.

Christophe Dussutour has been Régisseur at Château du Domaine de l’Église since 1999. He works on a daily basis with cellar master Valério Mortari, who joined in 2018.

At head office, Thierry Ruban, who joined in 1994, is Administrative Director and is supported by two assistants, Marie Leuret and Béatrice Frappé, who joined in 2018. The team is reinforced by seasonal workers, depending on the activities of the Château (grape harvest).

External support to bring out the best in our wine

Philippe and Frédéric Castéja call on Thomas Duclos, Valérie Lavigne and Axel Marchal, consultant oenologists, in particular for the blending of their wine. After studying oenology at the Université Victor Segalen in Bordeaux, Thomas Duclos joined the Oenoteam oenology consultancy in Libourne in 2011 as co-manager and field oenologist.

Since then, he has been working with the Castéja family on their properties on the Right Bank. Valérie Lavigne, Doctor of Oenology, is currently a lecturer and researcher at the Faculty of Oenology in Bordeaux and a trainer at the CIVB. She has been working at all the group’s estates for some fifteen years.

Axel Marchal, who has held a doctorate in oenology since 2010 and has been a lecturer at the Institut des Sciences et de la Vigne since 2013, took over from Denis Dubourdieu at the group’s estates around 4 years ago.